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CIL offers the most complete listing of metabolic substrates available. Some of the many applications of these materials include the utilisation of amino acids for protein / amino acid turnover studies, carbohydrates for glucose metabolism studies, and fatty acids for lipolysis reasearch. Isotope labellling of these materials allows investigators to study metabolic pathways in living systems in a manner that is safe and non-invasive.


CIL offer MPT (Microbiological / Pyrogen Tested) products for use in metabolic investigations. These materials are tested for microbial and pyrogen content and have been tested to ensure high chemical purity and isotopic enrichment.


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Research Use of CIL Products

Product Quality Designation Charts

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Metabolomics, or the study of biochemical processes involving metabolites, is a relatively new, yet increasingly growing field of research. The use of stable isotopes as internal standards combined with mass spectrometry in metabolomics allows researchers to identify and quantify metabolites in a given biological sample. This information is invaluable to understanding the physiology of an organism and/or its response to a drug, a change in its environment, or other external stimuli.

-Product Groups and Page Numbers


Amino Acids and Mixes - P1
Carbohydrates - P18
Fatty Acids & Lipids - P22
Metabolic Tracers - P26
18O Water - P44
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