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Stable Isotopes

Goss Scientific are UK representatives for Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, selling their extensive range of stable isotope labelled compounds and deuterated NMR solvents.
CIL are the world's largest manufacturer of Stable Isotopes and provide the highest quality and enrichments available.
18O Water and Deuterium Oxide

Deuterium Oxide is always in stock at Goss Scientific and available in different pack sizes at different enrichments.

We also try to keep stocks of 18O water, again at different enrichments.

Please contact us for pricing and availability of D2O and 18O water.

Custom Synthesis

CIL offer a custom synthesis service so even if the product you require is not available, they may be able to synthesise it for you.


Please contact us for all custom synthesis quotes. 

NMR Solvents and Tubes

Click on the image to be directed to the NMR Solvents and Tubes part of this website.

Product List

This pdf lists many of the 8000+ stable isotopes and isotope labelled compounds available from CIL.


Please note that this list is subject to change so please contact us if you cannot find the product you require and to confirm product availability.

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