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NMR Solvents

Goss Scientific are one of the UK's largest suppliers of deuterated NMR solvents and NMR / EPR tubes.
Extensive stocks are held at our Cheshire facility for next day delivery.
Please contact us if you can not find the product you require.
Exclusive UK Distributor for CIL


Goss Scientific are exclusive UK distributors of the Cambridge Isotope Laboratories range of NMR solvents.

CIL are the world's largest manufacturer of stable isotope labelled compounds with an inventory of over 8,000 products.

NMR Solvents

Deuterated NMR solvents

Ampoules with TMS

FT NMR Solvents

NMR Reference Compounds

Available with or without TMS

Please contact us if the product you require is not listed.

NMR Solvents and Tubes

Please use the pdf link to our 2021 catalogue.

NMR Solvent Data Chart

NMR Solvent Data Chart for download.

We also have these in poster format or A6 magnet size.

Quality Control

NMR solvents from CIL are manufactured in a state of the art solvent production facility. The NMR solvent production team has developed proprietary production methods that consistently guarantee the highest level of chemical and isotopic purity available.

All solvents are packaged under a nitrogen or argon atmosphere in a clean, controlled environment to ensure that purity is not compromised during packaging. Amber bottles and ampoules are used for packaging to protect those solvents that exhibit light sensitivity. Each bottle or ampoule is clearly marked with a lot number for traceability and inventory control.

Each batch of NMR solvent is routinely tested for chemical and isotopic purity following initial purification, before packaging and after packaging.

MSDS and Certificates of Analysis can be provided for all NMR solvents purchased from us.

Technical Tips

CIL recommends refrigeration of septum bottles to extend the product shelf life and to ensure product quality.


When sampling Deuterium Oxide from a septum bottle, always use a syringe that has been flushed with dry nitrogen. This will avoid loss of enrichment due to exchange with ambient moisture.

DMSO will freeze close to room temperature. To return it to a liquid state thaw it in a warm water bath but take care to prevent water contamination.

In order to avoid isotopic contamination, some products such as deuterated compounds should be handled under an inert atmosphere of dry nitrogen or argon.


An NMR Solvent Data Chart is available as a laminated reference document or poster (subject to availability).

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