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Literature - Stable Isotopes

Please contact Goss Scientific for pricing and availability of any products used in the literature below.

Goss Scientific are UK distributors for Cambridge Isotope Laboratories range of stable isotopes.

Biomolecular NMR


Alanine Probes of Supra-Molecular Structure and Dynamics (Kay)

Size: 450 KB


Cell-Free Production of Stable Isotope-Labeled Proteins (Masatsune Kainosho)

Size: 450 KB


Example of RNA-Protein Interaction Studied by Multinuclear NMR

Size: 1086 KB


Pichia pastoris as a Eukaryotic Protein Isotope-Labeling System (Brown & Ladizhansky)

Size: 518 KB


Selective Isotope-Labeling Methods for Protein Structural Studies (Atreya)

Size: 593 KB


Top 10 Reasons to Use Ammonium Salts

Size: 437 KB


Use of Reverse Micelles to Study Protein and Nucleic Acids

Size: 445 KB



Clinical Research


Stable Isotope Labeling Kinetics (SILK™) to Measure the Metabolism of Brain-Derived Proteins Implicated in Neurodegeneration (Braunstein & West)

Size: 1266 KB



Metabolic Research


Cellular Metabolism and Metabolomics (Rabinowitz)

Size: 2100 KB


Protein Turnover (Claydon)

Size: 451 KB


Stable Isotope Labeling Kinetics (SILK™) to Measure the Metabolism of Brain-Derived Proteins Implicated in Neurodegeneration (Braunstein & West)

Size: 1266 KB


Stable Isotopes in Drug Development and Personalized Medicine (Hellerstein)

Size: 1984 KB


The Impact of Stable Isotope Tracers on Metabolic Research (Wolfe)

Size: 492 KB


The Use of Stable Isotope-Enriched Standards as a Key Component of the MS/MS Analysis of Metabolites Extracted from Dried Blood Spots (Chace)

Size: 473 KB


Utility of Stable Isotopes in Mass Spectrometry (Matthews)

Size: 503 KB



NMR Solvents


Deuterated Chloroform

Size: 377 KB


NMR Solvent Storage and Handling Information

Size: 87 KB





15N Stable Isotope Labeling Data Analysis (Park & Yates)

Size: 2909 KB


18O Water (Fenselau)

Size: 568 KB


Cell-Free Protein Expression

Size: 511 KB


Early Stable Isotope Labeling in Proteomics (Veenstra)

Size: 799 KB


Insect Cell Media

Size: 495 KB


Mammalian Cell Media

Size: 537 KB


Mass Spectrometry Signal Calibration for Protein Quantitation (MacCoss)

Size: 1240 KB


NeuCode™ SILAC

Size: 687 KB


Preloaded Resins for Solid-phase Synthesis of Stable Isotope Labeled Tryptic Peptides

Size: 617 KB


Protein Expression Literature References

Size: 517 KB


Protein Turnover (Claydon)

Size: 451 KB


Rich E. coli Media

Size: 992 KB


Stable Isotope Labeling in Mammals (SILAM) (Yates)

Size: 774 KB


Stable Isotope Labeling with Amino Acids in Cell Culture (SILAC) (Pandey)

Size: 686 KB


Synthetic Peptides As Internal Standards (Fenselau)

Size: 507 KB


Yeast Media and Reagents

Size: 490 KB