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IRMS & Elemental Analyser Consumables


Goss Scientific are suppliers of high quality consumables for Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry and Elemental Analysis.
Our EA consumables are manufactured by a supplier who has over 40 years experience in the manufacture and purification of these products.
All products have been designed for use in IRMS, are of the highest possible quality and very competitively priced.

Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Instruments Supported


SerCon / PDZ Europa / Europa Scientific


Thermo / Fisons / Carlo Erba






plus most other Elemental Analysers




Sample Capsules and Discs


Tin or Silver capsules

Standard, clean or ultra-clean

Pressed or smooth wall

Many different sizes available


Reagents - Combustion and Reduction


Combustion and reduction reagents

Scrubbing reagents

Pyrolysis reagents

Tube packing materials


Pre-packed Reaction Tubes


A very cost effective alternative to packing your own tubes. All tubes are packed to order, argon purged and sealed for cleanliness and extended shelf life.



Reaction Tubes


Standard wall or heavy wall tubes

Highest quality transparent silica

Combustion and reduction tubes

Scrubbing tubes


Quartz Liners


Open or closed ends

Slotted for optimum gas flow

Highest quality transparent silica

Many lengths and diameters available


Separation Columns


High quality separation columns for optimal analytical performance. Supplied ready conditioned  and with chromatogram showing peak resolution and retention time.


Please contact us for a quotation for Elemental Analysis consumables including those used in EA - IRMS.


As well as being checked for quality by our manufacturer, EA - IRMS products are used in our own laboratory and continuously assessed.