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Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for Sale

Goss Scientific have a pre owned Elemental Analyser - IRMS system for sale.

Re-manufactured Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

Goss Scientific have another re-manufactured IRMS system for sale.

The instrument consists of a Europa Scientific (now Sercon) 20-20 IRMS and a modified Carlo Erba NA1500 S2.

The 20-20 IRMS can be supplied without the Carlo Erba if the customer already has an EA or other sample preparation system.

This 20-20 can been fitted with a complete new vacuum system and the EA will be converted to operate as an ANCA SL so that if does not rely on its original electronics, increasing lifetime and reliability.

This system will be ideal for 15N and 13C bulk analysis or for researchers new to IRMS. This is a second user system so carries a price tag that is a fraction of the new cost but will still be supplied with a full warranty.

The system has already been pre-tested and is demonstrating a high level of performance in terms of precision and linearity.

Please contact us for further information.

Information Sheet –
Second User Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers


Goss Scientific usually have pre-owned Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer systems for sale.

The instruments we offer make ideal starter systems for scientists new to IRMS and for the bulk analysis of routine samples.


*New instrument performance for a fraction of the price*


Instruments are carefully refurbished to ensure that they deliver performance equal to or better than when they were new and to ensure that they are very reliable. Our second user instruments are provided with a warranty and represent excellent value for money. They are commonly purchased by users that are unable to obtain sufficient funding for a brand-new instrument or those that want a second system for bulk analysis leaving their more expensive instruments free for more cutting-edge work.


Although exact requirements can be discussed with prospective buyers, we prefer to modify and upgrade the instruments to a specification where we believe that they offer the best long-term reliability versus value for money.


We keep an extensive inventory of spares to ensure that we can fully support any instruments we sell for several years.


Below is a short summary of what can be expected:


Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer:


The donor instrument will be commissioned and any parts replaced / repaired to get it running properly. It will be tested and adjusted until it reaches the manufacturers original specifications. Once these specifications have been reached work will be undertaken to further improve the performance of the instrument. When we are happy that it has reached its optimal specifications it will be left on continual test for several weeks.


*All moving parts replaced*


Once an agreement has been reached with a prospective purchaser the refurbishment process will take place and will include:


  • Full overhaul of the ion source, all stainless-steel parts are cleaned, new ceramic components fitted, new filament fitted, re-magnetisation of the source magnets.

  • Overhaul of the collector assembly and re-coating of the faraday cups with DAG.

  • Flight tube clean if necessary.

  • Supply and fit a complete new vacuum system using the latest generation of components including turbo molecular pumps, rotary pump, vacuum gauges, vent valves, cooling fans, and re-wire as necessary.



  • Check / replacement of electrical mains wiring and final electrical safety testing carried out by external specialists.

  • Check / replacement of internal signal wires and removal of obsolete looms.


*Built with pride, care and enthusiasm*


Once the refurbishment is completed the instrument will be re-commissioned, tested to specification, further optimised and then allowed to run on another long-term test. Only when we are completely happy will the instrument be shipped to the customer.


Elemental Analyser:


The work carried out on the Elemental Analyser very much depends on the instrument we have available.


Good base systems are the Carlo Erba NA1500 S2, Thermo 1108 or 1110.

In some instances, we may have a Europa / Sercon ANCA SL available.


In the case of the CE / Thermo instruments, they can be used as they are or can be modified to offer a greater degree of reliability.


If the modification option is chosen it will include:


  • Removal of all the original CE / Thermo control electronics.

  • Re-wiring and fitment of CAL or OMRON temperature controllers for the 3 ovens.

  • Removal of the original valves and gas flow lines.

  • Fitment of new valve system and gas flow lines.

  • Check / replacement of electrical mains wiring and final electrical safety testing carried out by external specialists.

  • Testing of the original ovens and their supply transformers.


The completed instrument will be fully tested alongside the IRMS it is to be supplied with.


Customers are welcome to visit our premises to verify the system for themselves before taking delivery.


We have supplied many such systems and all are still operating reliably on site. References are available on request.


Instruments Purchased:


We are always interested in purchasing unused IRMS systems, working or not.

Not only is re-manufacturing environmentally friendly but it may also allow another scientist a pathway into stable isotope analysis.