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Deuterated Reagents for Electronics

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Goss Scientific are UK distributors for the Cambridge Isotope Laboratories range of stable isotopes.


Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) are extensively used in devices such as television and mobile phone screens. OLED's are generally made of thin layers of organic molecules between two electrodes. The devices emit light when an electric current flows through them.

Until a few years ago, the biggest technical problem for OLED's was the limited lifetime of the organic materials, typically half that of LCD, LED, or PDP, as heat and oxidation generated during operation contribute to the instability of the chemicals. This problem was solved by deuterating some of the organic molecules incorporated into OLED's, which increases the lifetime of the device by a factor or 5 to 20 without significantly affecting the other properties of the device.

Another application of deuteration in this field is the neutron reflectometry along with deuteration of specific molecule layers that has become the key method for the study of morphology, diffusion and interfacial behaviour in organic thin-film semiconducting devices.

References: Tsuji, H; Mitsui, Chikahiko, M; Nakamura, E. 2014. The hydrogen/deuterium isotope effect of the host material on the lifetime of organic light-emitting diodes. ChemComm, 50(94), 14870-14872. PMID: 25325237




Deuterated Reagents for Electronics

DLM-9RG                  Acetone-d6 (D, 99.5%) ~25% soln. in D2O

DLM-1RG                  Benzene-d6 (D, 99%)

HPG-040                   Carbon Monoxide - CP 99.99%

HPG-045                   Carbon Monoxide - CP 99.995%

DLM-7RG                  Chloroform-d (D, 99.7%)

DLM-408DR             Deuterium (D, 99.8%) (D2, 99.6% + HD, 0.4%)

DLM-408-HP            Deuterium (D, 99.8%) CP 99.999%

DLM-408-4NHP      Deuterium (D, 99.8%) CP 99.99%+

DLM-458DR             Deuterium Chloride (D, 99%)

DLM-3DR                  Deuterium Chloride (D, 99.5%) DCL 35% w/w solution in D2O

DLM-4DR-99.8        Deuterium Oxide (D, 99.8%)

DLM-4DR                  Deuterium Oxide (D, 99.9%)

DLM-10RG-PK         Dimethyl Sulphoxide-d6 (D, 99.9%)

DLM-24RG                Methanol-D4 (D, 99.5%)

DLM-45DR                Sodium Deuteroxide (D, 99.5%) 40% in D2O

DLM-33DR                Sulphuric Acid-D2 (D, 99%) 96-98% in D2O

DLM-5RG                   Toluene-D8 (D, 99.5%)

DLM-46RG                 Trifluoroacetic Acid-D (D, 99%)






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