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Biomolecular NMR

The use of NMR to determine structure and dynamics of proteins, RNA and DNA continues to be of great scientific interest. Committed to meeting the increasing requirements in this field, CIL offers the most complete product range of biomolecular NMR products including free and protected amino acids, enriched growth media, carbohydrates, salts, buffers and detergents. The variety of products and multiple labelling options offered has been designed for maximum flexibility of NMR experiments.If you require a specific compound not listed in this section please contact Goss Scientific for assistance. 
Biomolecular NMR
-Product Groups and Page Numbers


Amino Acids and Mixes - P1
15N Salts - P18
Carbohydrates - P19
Site Specified Amino Acids - P23
Cell Growth Media - P23
Cell Free Science Products - P29
Protein Standards - P30
Protected Amino Acids - P31
RNA / DNA Products - P36
Minimal Media - P44
Spectra Products - P45
New Protein Standards   (pdf)
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